July 25, 2024


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Lets get acquainted

I don’t think we’ve been introduced. My name is Michele. I’m the editor of Grand Bend Bulletin newspaper.

A little over a year ago I moved to Lambton Shores. Someone asked me to start a newspaper in Grand Bend. It was a heady request but I took on the challenge. Because of the many rich and unique stories woven throughout the municipality GBB began serving all of Lambton Shores.

Unfortunately the road ahead proved to be a bumpy one. Along with many technical glitches with the website an unknown virus arrived on our doorsteps. The glitches are still ongoing and the virus turned into a pandemic the likes of which many of us have never experienced. (And hope to never experience again!)

In times of crisis communities band together and local heroes are revealed. Stories that provide facts or that inspire can unite a community. In recent weeks GBB has been unable to publish news. Almost all requests for interviews and community input have gone unanswered. Placing one’s trust in something new is understandably hard but a community is the lifeline for the newspaper that serves it. Without its input a local newspaper can’t thrive. Without firsthand accounts, information or opinions news can’t be published.

It’s been pointed out to me that my lack of long-standing roots in the community have caused me to be unwelcome but I truly hope that isn’t true. Though I may not have a history in the community I know that the place I’ve chosen to call home is made up of hard-working, welcoming, friendly people. 

GBB is independently owned and operated. It has no agenda other than to report what matters to all of us. I’ve worked at community newspapers throughout Ontario and in British Columbia and I know that the relationship small towns have with their local newspaper is truly unique. A community newspaper can make a profound difference in the lives of residents. It can give people a voice and foster debate. It can uplift readers by showcasing their achievements and it can shine a spotlight on problems or tragedies that affect everyone. Most importantly, I know that people place their trust in the local newspaper – depending on it to find the truth and tell it to them. Local news matters and GBB strives to be accountable to its readers by providing factual, reliable news.

The pandemic has made getting to know people difficult. As a newcomer, I hope I can rely on my fellow Lambton Shores residents to provide the kind of details a long-time resident would know. Whether contributed anonymously or not, I hope to learn about our outstanding neighbours, hard-working volunteers, businesses facing hardships and the tragic and happy events that occur within the community. We will weather the pandemic storm together and hopefully we can all go back to interacting with one another soon.

If you’re a local business owner please consider advertising with GBB. If you’d like to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed or announce joyous news you can do it on the site. If you’ve taken a fantastic photograph in the region send it to GBB so the whole community can enjoy it.  If you have something important to say let us know. Your input is always welcome and your thoughts matter. Without you there can be no newspaper. I hope that you will contact GBB with your story ideas, your opinions or just to say hi!

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Michele. I’m your neighbour.

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