June 19, 2021


A Look Back

Discover the history of Lambton Shores through historical photographs.

Digitally archived photographs provided by Lambton Heritage Museum.

Class picture from Grand Bend Public School taken on September 18, 1894. (#BD-8C)
A band escorts soldiers marching into Forest from Thedford. Winter 1915–1916. (#BC-27A)
Market garden at Northville c. 1915. (#BA 004 001 pstcrd)
Picnic at Gustin’s, Lake Valley Grove. (#BJ-28A)
Mini putters on the course at Woodward Golf, Grand Bend. (#BD 008 016 pstcrd)
Ravenswood 1910. One-room school formerly located Ipperwash Rd and Lakeshore Rd, marked by a cairn. (#BH-8A)
Camping at Grand Bend. (Catalogue #BD 013 010 pstcrd)
S.S. #8 Ravenswood 1958. One-room school closed in the 1960s formerly located Ipperwash Rd.and Lakeshore Rd. marked by a cairn.