June 13, 2024


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A Look Back

Discover the history of Lambton Shores through historical photographs.

Digitally archived photographs provided by Lambton Heritage Museum.

Grand Bend Public School 1894. (#BD-8C)
A band escorts soldiers marching into Forest from Thedford. Winter 1915–1916. (#BC-27A)
Market garden at Northville c. 1915. (#BA 004 001 pstcrd)
Picnic at Gustin’s, Lake Valley Grove. Date unknown. (#BJ-28A)
Mini putters on the course at Woodward Golf, Grand Bend. Date unknown. (#BD 008 016 pstcrd)
Ravenswood 1910. Formerly located Ipperwash and Lakeshore marked by a cairn. (#BH-8A)
Camping at Grand Bend. Date unknown (#BD 013 010 pstcrd)
S.S. #8 Ravenswood 1958.Formerly located Ipperwash and Lakeshore marked by a cairn.
Grand Bend beach by Senior Studio, Exeter, ON. Date unknown. (#BD 012 051 pstcrd)
Packing apples near Forest. Date unknown. (#BC 006 006 pstcrd)
Herbert Powell heading to Thedford with a load of celery. Date unknown. (#BA-16D)